The comfiest Japanese kimono you’ll ever wear.

Hot on the heels of their super stylish Hanten Kimono Coat Parka, Japanese company Mocolle is back with a brand new take on traditional fashion, and this time their design cues come from the furisode kimono.

Furisode are Japanese kimonos traditionally worn by unmarried women, with long sleeves that range in length from mid-thigh to knee or all the way to the ground. You don’t have to be an unmarried woman to enjoy Mocolle’s new garment though, as their new Furisode Sweater focuses on modern style and practicality, with a design that can be worn by anyone.

Like their Hanten Parka, the Furisode Sweater was created from a design tweeted out by Japanese illustrator Kagetsu.

The new garment aims to combine the beauty of a long-sleeved kimono with the comfort of a sweatshirt, so you can casually enjoy Japanese-style dressing during the cooler months.

The V-neck design comes in three different colours: Pink, Dark Indigo Blue, and Bamboo Green.

The sweatshirt material on the long sleeves features some cute floral embroidery, which harks back to the floral designs often seen on traditional furisode.

Made from 100-percent cotton, Mocolle’s new garment is currently being put into production with a campaign on the Campfire crowdfunding website. With 24 days left in the campaign, they’ve already raised 140-percent of their 1-million yen (US$8,787.23) target goal, with 1,406,100 yen received from supporters.

The hugely popular item has sold out of its first tier offer, which had the sweatshirts priced at a discounted price of 8,200 yen ($72.06). Other tiers are still available, though, which means you can pick one up for 8,700 yen or 9,200 yen. Otherwise sets of two for 17,000 yen or all three for 24,000 yen are also available.

Mocolle have been producing hybrid outfits like this for quite some time now, so hopefully we’ll see more new Japanese-inspired designs from them soon. The good news is, whether it’s kimono roomwear or ninja swimwear, Mocolle’s products are always such a hit on crowdfunding sites that no matter what they come up with next, we can rest assured it will go into mainstream production. 

Source: Campfire/Mocolle via Japaaan
Images: Campfire/Mocolle