Offers a stylish yet modest alternative to skimpy workout wear.

Japanese fashion brand Mocolle is flying high these days. The organization, which specializes in fanciful reimaginings of traditional outfits, has recently opened official sales for its Shinto shrine maiden-inspired swimsuit, following a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign last spring.

The foray into swimwear was a change of pace for Mocolle, coming after the release of its shrine maiden and Taisho period schoolgirl roomwear ensembles. Now Mocolle is heading back to dry land once again, but it’s looking beyond the borders of Japan for inspiration.

This time, the styling cues come from the Vietnamese ao dai dress and pants combo. Mocolle’s version, however, is designed with extra comfort and mobility in mind, since it’s being marketed as a wardrobe option not just for lounging around the house like other roomwear, but also as a yoga outfit.

Instead of the customary silk of orthodox ao dai, the top is made from polyester, and the pants a polyester/polyurethane blend. While it may not have the same luxurious texture as fine silk, the material is a better choice for light exercise, and is machine washable to boot.

With flexibility a priority, the material is lightweight and thin. However, an extra layer of fabric is used in the upper torso, to avoid giving your yoga classmates a peek at your bra choice for the day.

As with most of Mocolle’s endeavors, it’s testing the waters for the ao dai yoga outfit with a crowdfunding campaign on website Campfire here, with a target of 750,000 yen (US$6,750). Reward tiers that include the outfit (both top and pants) start at 9,800 yen, and the campaign is scheduled to run through June 30.

Source, images: Campfire/mocolle
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