Naive question prompts discussion about Disneyland eggs, existence of magical chickens and we get our chef’s hat and apron on.

Go to any big theme park in Japan, and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to food options, most of which are suitably themed with popular characters. At Tokyo Disneyland, why have boring old curry rice, when you can have curry rice with a magical boiled egg with a Mickey Mouse-shaped yolk on top!

The special boiled eggs you can get at Tokyo Disneyland’s Plaza Restaurant boggle the mind. Visiting the park when they were young, the shape of the yolk got Twitter user @yanagaikota wondering what witchcraft Disney could possibly use to make them, and so they decided to ask a member of staff.

Ask a silly question, get a silly answer. Presumably with a straight face, the cast member helpfully replied that all the eggs the chickens in Toontown lay come out like that. Or, in other words, the answer was “Magic!” But while the idea of magical chickens, or golden egg-laying geese, is one I’d happily believe in, it turns out the real method is less romantic.

Using a Japanese-created machine that is either incredibly inventive or the beginning of the end of human civilisation, the yolks and white of multiple eggs can be manhandled into tube form, and it’s only a small step from this to making other designs like the Mickey Mouse shape.

But if you don’t want to buy a special machine to form tubular eggs, the Internet is full of recipes to make pretty good Mickey Mouse-shaped substitutes yourself so we decided to try one out and bring you the recipe and our results.

1. Draw a line length-ways on the egg, as in the photo above.

2. Make a hole in the shell, being careful not to break the whole thing and send raw egg flying everything. If you do, it should be promptly followed up by throwing your hands up in the air and crying “Why do I always destroy the things I love?!?”, if the mood takes you.

3. Remove and separate the egg yolk and white, then break away more of the shell until you get to just above the line you drew earlier.

4. Place the egg shell in a small but relatively deep dish, so that it will remain upright. We used kitchen paper to keep it from rolling over. Next pour the egg white back into the shell.

5. Place the dish into a pan with a small amount of water. Put the lid on the pan and steam the egg white for around five minutes over a medium heat, or until the egg white starts to solidify. Be careful not to overdo the egg white.

6. Using a utensil of your choice (we favoured the spork as the most versatile of utensils), carefully dig out some of the egg white to make a Mickey Mouse-shaped mould into which you will pour the egg yolk.

7. After adding the egg yolk to the rest of the egg, trying not to go outside the Mickey Mouse shape, cover the dish with cling film (plastic wrap) and return it to the pan.

8. Steam the egg for as long as it takes the water to come to the boil, about a minute, then cut the heat.

9. Marvel at the works these hands have wrought.

And there you have it, Mickey Mouse, or in our attempt, Mickey’s tumour-ridden rabbit friend who looks slightly more like the Disney star than a random egg pattern, perfectly delicious and probably safe from certain famously litigious corporations. Not bad for a first attempt though we think, although we might try using a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter at Step 6. next time. If you can manage better, drop a photo in the comments below.

Source: Twitter/@yanagikota via Hachimakiko
Featured image: Twitter/@yanagikota

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