Despite the elegant appearance, Sushi Cake promises to be as tasty as any other cake made from raw tuna and vinegared rice.

It’s that wonderful time of the year again; that time when boys and girls of all ages put chains on their tires and get weakened viruses injected into their arms. And what better way to celebrate this whimsical season than by gathering friends and family for a Sushi Cake party!

That’s right, revolving sushi restaurant Kappa Sushi, who made headlines this year for their huge-selling all-you-can-eat format, is saying thank you to its loyal customers by bringing back the Sushi Cake due to popular demand.

This beast is filled with half a kilogram (1 pound) of ikura (salmon roe) and topped with 25 slices of primo otoro which is among the most fatty, delicious, and expensive cuts of tuna around. The base is made of heaps of delicious sushi rice, enough to feed up to eight people (or three of our staff members).

Image: PR Times

Because these are some premium ingredients, the Sushi Cake comes at a hefty price: 10,000 yen (US$89) plus tax, to be exact. But despite that, demand is huge and you’ll need to make a reservation for some date between 6 December and 8 January with any Kappa Sushi across the country.

We managed to get one last year and were neither disappointed by the portions nor the quality of this feast. It even came topped with gold flakes!

Image: SoraNews24

This time around there doesn’t seem to be any gold. In addition to a slightly more dignified and refined look, this year’s Sushi Cake is passing the savings on to you by making the cake bigger at 29 centimeters (11 inches) in diameter, up from 27 last year.

This year’s Sushi Cake also comes with a traditional Japanese carrying cloth, or furoshiki. However, rather than a wooden tub, this year’s packaging is a swanky lacquer-style case bearing the Kappa Sushi logo.

So while it’s easy to get caught up in all the itchy sweaters and extra hours of darkness of the season, don’t forget to also take some time out to join with loved ones over a piping room-temperature tub of exquisite seafood this winter.

Top image: PR Times