In the Matrix of Google Maps, our Neo has been found.

We always get a kick out of quirky things found on Google’s Street View from candid moments to photo bombs to strange glitches, but now we may have stumbled upon a master of the art accomplishing all three in a single moment.

The incident can be found in Tokyo at an intersection just up from Akihabara Station on the main street running through the otaku paradise. If you want more precise global coordinates, it is at latitude 35.698193 and longitude 139.771284.

At first glance it looks like the Google camera is confronted by five middle-aged balding men in pink shirts. However, upon closer inspection you’ll quickly find that they are all the same guy mugging to the camera in unison.

Scrolling around you can also see that he is completely surrounding the camera, blasting it to pieces with his finger guns.

The man’s identity is unknown, and I’d bet dollars to donuts he isn’t Japanese. I’m drawing this conclusion from his pink shirt and the fact that Japanese people by and large currently have an aversion to flashy colors, instead preferring anything in the spectrum of navy blue to brown. If you don’t believe me then just take a look at every other person in that street view.

Nevertheless, it is impressive that this guy had the knowledge of how the Google cameras worked to pull this off, especially back in 2014 when this was taken. I always assumed that Google took all 360 degrees simultaneously or at least at a faster rate than it would take for some guy to finger-gun all around them.

More likely, this time-space bending collage was done in editing on Google’s end as one of their little easter eggs. That would explain why they didn’t mosaic out his face, not that he seemed too concerned about his privacy anyway.

Whatever the case may be, in the ever escalating game of Street View photo bombing, multiplying pink shirt man is certainly a front-runner and a shinning example for us all to look up to.

Source: Google Street View
Top image: SoraNews24
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