Our reporter Meg turns her lens on 12 months’ worth of steamy male skin, including borderline-illegal cosplay.

With Christmas festivities finished, it’s time to turn our eyes to New Year’s. In Japan, most people celebrate by heading back to their home town, spending a few days relaxing with their extended family and making a visit to the local shrine to pray for health and happiness in the months ahead.

But if you’re looking for a more exiting way to start off 2018, might we suggest the 2018 Men of RocketNews24/SoraNews24 calendar?

As has become an annual tradition, our Japanese-language reporters, including the above-pictured Mr. Sato, mark the end of the year by stripping down for a steamy photo session. Planning, photography, and photo editing are handled by our correspondent Meg, as has been the case since our first calendar in 2015.

The primary attire for Meg’s muses this year was the fundoshi, or Japanese-style loincloth.

▼ Hard at work

While we usually do the entire photo shoot within the confines of our office, this year our boss gave us an expanded budget which allowed us to do part of the shoot in exotic locales, such as…the hallway and stairwell outside our office!

Will Seiji’s love life improve after people see his shirtless physique?

But it’s not all fundoshi photos! Our 2018 calendar also includes Hentai Kamen cosplay, A.K.A. the outfit that’s so scandalous it almost got our boss arrested.

▼ Johnny Law can’t stop us from wearing what we want in the privacy of our own workplace!

▼ Popping off push-ups to help muscle tone stand out

Also, 2018 is the first time our calendar is totally uncensored. In the past, Meg has done a little bit of image editing around the crotch areas to preserve our reporters’ modesty. Then she realized this was a waste of time because we have no modesty, and so for 2018 what you see is what her camera captured.

▼ When putting the photos together as a collage, the sheer sexiness initially caused Meg’s PC to crash.

Each month features a different photo, with the complete list of featured themes and models being:

● January: The Back of a Man (P.K. Sanjun)
● February: Hot Spring (Masanuki Sunakoma)
● March: Cuties! (Yoshio, Seiji Nakazawa, Ahiru Neko)
● April: Pole Dance Sato (Mr. Sato)
● May: Go 100% (Go Hattori)
● June: Regularly-scheduled Meeting (Men of RocketNews24)
● July: Masai Sexy 2018 (Ruka)
● August: Keep this Secret from my Mom and Dad, OK? (Yuichiro Wassai)
● September: Typhoon☆Revolution (Ahiru Neko)
● October: Happy Halloween♪ (Yoshio, P.K. Sanjun as Kekko Kamen)
● November: Push-ups from Hell (Yoshio)
● December: Farewell, 2018! (Seiji Nakazawa)

October page

As always, all proceeds will be donated to charity, so that some good will come of our shameless exhibitionist tendencies. Pricing and purchase details will be announced soon, so check back here, or simply keep this page open until then so you can bask in the glory of our shirtless crew.

Images ©SoraNews24
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