Kura Sushi

Sushi chain renames “anime character bukkake” menu item after inevitable giggles

Sure, a Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba tie-up is meant to get fans excited, but not like this.

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Which conveyor belt sushi place’s chawanmushi egg custard is the best? We investigate【Taste Test】

If you skip this sometimes-overlooked part of a traditional sushi restaurant meal, you’re missing out! Read More

New sushi types: chocolate citrus yellowtail and cheddar cheese tempura. Crazy, or crazy good?

One of Japan’s favorite revolving sushi chains goes way outside the box, but has it gone too far?

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You can now get fugu, Japan’s poisonous blowfish, for under a buck at revolving sushi restaurants

A meal equal parts thrilling, delicious, and affordable.

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Kura Burger: Japanese sushi chain restaurant offers burgers in Tokyo for a limited time

Rice cola, fish patties and rice buns make for a very different sushi experience.

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Kura Sushi garbage-picker said to have cost company 2.7 billion yen in market value

Stupid videos continue to flood the Internet in Japan, while one company is looking to send a message.

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Disgusting video shows sushi chef grabbing fish out of trash can, seemingly in order to serve it

One of Japan’s most popular sushi restaurant chains says fish did not reach customers, but there’s still plenty to lose your appetite about.

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Chocolate-fed sushi fish set to become a Valentine’s Day treat in Japan

One of the country’s most popular revolving sushi chains has a sweet idea.

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We investigate which conveyor belt sushi restaurant is best for drinking alone, drowning regrets

Kappa Sushi, Kura Sushi, and Sushiro. Which pairs best with contemplating past mistakes?

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Chocolate meets sushi in Kura Sushi’s Valentine’s dessert — the “Tiramisushi”

If you think this Valentine’s offering looks like an ordinary dessert, wait until you see what it’s made of!

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