japanese design

Disney collaborates with traditional Kyoto designers for exhibition series【Photos】

Ever wanted to rock Disney and traditional Japanese style at the same time? Now you can.

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Fabulous new designer wedding dresses will give you the high-fashion wedding of your dreams

Ever dreamed of looking expensive, elegant, and dramatic all at once on your wedding day?

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Designer’s tweets during first trip to Japan perfectly show why it’s such a great place to visit

In just the first day of his stay, designer tweeted more than 50 things that pleasantly surprised him about Japan.

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Japanese “minimal house” is both irresistibly cute and surprisingly cheap

With a population of over 100 million in a land area smaller than California, space is not cheap in Japan. Because of that, many people live in apartments stacked on top of each other, and the idea of living in a house is, for many, just a very expensive dream.

But not anymore! The modern-home companies Yadokari and Azumaya have teamed up to release “Inspiration,” a “minimal house” which they advertize as only costing about the same price as a new car. It’s cute, efficient, built to last, and we want one really badly!

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