Our little Kaneda is growing up so fast… KANEDA!!!

Seems like just yesterday Tokyo was obliterated in a gravitational singularity, but it’s actually been 30 years since that horrific event. Now, Neo-Tokyo stands as a shining example to the world and is set to host the 2020 Olympics.

Not only that, but a certain rough-and-tumble biker by the name of Shotaro Kaneda has just gotten his “electric two-wheeled vehicle” license on Saturday, 17 March, 2018!

▼ The proof is in the permit, right there, third box down.

▼ For those unfamiliar, the scene from the original anime.

Electric motorcycles like the zec00 have been on the market for a few years now, and they provide the perfect stylish high-performance that any bosozoku craves… if they can afford the eight million yen (US$75,000) price tag.

▼ Or maybe Kaneda can buy a used model
that our own Mr. Sato tried out a while back.

Either way, Kaneda is sure going to need those fast wheels once the anti-government tensions begins to boil over. Word has it that the inflated cost of the new Olympic Stadium is because of the JSDF’s secret esper research facility underneath, and folks aren’t super happy about that.

Nevertheless, many gathered online to offer the resourceful juvenile delinquent their heartfelt congratulations:

“Not many bad-boy characters like him around anymore, are there?”
“Heard he’s getting one of those 200-horsepower, 12,000 rpm deals with the computer controlled anti-lock breaks.”
“Boy time flies, doesn’t it.”
“They stole that scene from Roman Holiday you know.”

We too would like to wish Kaneda luck as he gets mixed up in the paranormal and political intrigue that will ultimately wipe Tokyo off the map once again over the coming year and a half. Sadly, this means our offices will also be snuffed out in an infinite contraction of spacetime once Kaneda’s pal discovers his true powers and loses his mind.

Considering most of the stuff dreamed up three decades ago in this manga and anime seems to have come true (we can neither confirm nor deny the esper research facility), our destruction on a quantum level is probably a sure thing too.

Of course we still have time to move, but that just a royal pain in the butt, so let’s make these final months really count with some more round-the-clock coverage of fried-chicken news and interviews with fake Yngwie Malmsteen!

Source: Twitter/@puuu_8, Hachima Kiko
Top image: YouTube/D4ni31