Join us in congratulating Kaneda from Akira for his milestone on 17 March, 2018!

Our little Kaneda is growing up so fast… KANEDA!!!

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We check out Japan’s zecOO, the black-and-gold electric “Akira bike”, at Tokyo Motor Show【Pics】

The zecOO electric bike made a splash online when it officially went on sale earlier this year, though it’s been known by people all around the world as the Akira bike for a few years now.

It’s still a little pricey at 8.88 million yen (roughly US$73,600), so we doubt any of our staff will be cruising around town on this bad boy until we’ve filled up a few more piggy banks, but fortunately the electric vehicle was on display at the Tokyo Motor Show and our very own Mr. Sato was able to check it out in person.

Take a look at his photos below and find out what clever new addition the bike is now sporting!

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ZecOO Glimpses a Brighter Future of Killer Akira-Style Electric Bikes Rather than the Wussy Ones We Have to Choose From Now

Few can disagree that electric scooters are a sensible way to get around.  They’re convenient, clean, cheaper, and above all else mercifully more quiet than their gas guzzling counterparts.

However these bikes always seem to fall short in the testosterone department.  Even though I realize an electric bike would make my life 1000% easier I could never reconcile that with the fact that I’d look like the foppish lead in some lame European romantic comedy.

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