driver’s license

Getting a driver’s license in Japan the hard way: The first written test

They say the hardest part of any task is getting started… We’ll see about that.

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Handsome Japanese cosplayer finds renewing driver’s license hard after huge transformation【Pics】

Before/after comparison shows it’s tough to get a new ID when the new you doesn’t look like the old you.

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Aichi Police: Surrender your driver’s license and get up to $1 off at McDonald’s!

Elderly people encouraged to give up all driving privileges in exchange for somewhat cheaper Happy Meals.

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Join us in congratulating Kaneda from Akira for his milestone on 17 March, 2018!

Our little Kaneda is growing up so fast… KANEDA!!!

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Osaka driving school offers nine months of free food and drink to students

Come for the Drivers’ Ed, stay for the unlimited nine-month long buffet!

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Elderly motorists in Japan given option to “graduate from driving” to prevent accidents

The government probably does realize they aren’t fooling anyone with this.

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Driver’s licenses? More and more Japanese youths don’t need no stinkin’ licenses

The times they are a changing again. Back in the day, young men would dream of getting a stylish ride in the hopes of raising their status and ultimately win the affections of the women around them.

However, now it seems that youngsters in Japan are no longer interested in paying large sums of money to strap themselves into large decorated pieces of metal and move around at high speeds with hundreds of other random strangers also piloting lethal projectiles.

Where did we go wrong?

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