Sneaker company Onitsuka Tiger teams up with Street Fighter to bring us Chun-Li-themed footwear

Kick as fast and with as much style as the renowned video game character.

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Ninja-themed sneakers are the perfect footwear for the contemporary shadow assassin

If ninja wore sneakers, they would be rocking this limited-edition sleek pair of kicks.

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Japanese man loses one sandal, another Japanese man finds one sandal

Twitter once again makes us realize that it’s a small world after all.

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Traditional Japanese wooden footwear redesigned as indoor slippers to keep feet comfy and cool

A modern, stylish twist on a Japanese classic.

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Vans to release line of Nintendo 8-bit sneakers this summer【Pics】

We can’t wait to lace up a pair of these cool, retro-looking kicks.

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New North Korean Sneakers Bear More than a Passing Resemblance to Japanese Brand

North Korea isn’t exactly renown for its footwear industry, but the recent appearance of a new pair of sneakers on North Korean television has caused quite a stir in the Asian media.

Featuring an “extra-supportive heel section” and a red design with a series of white stripes, the North Korean design bears a striking resemblance to Japanese company Asics’ own model.

Is this a simple coincidence or are we looking at an all-out rip-off?

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Heat on the Feet and a USB Stick That Can Cool Them Off!

In the cold of winter everyone knows how important it is to keep your feet warm.  Shouldn’t it stand that in the lingering heat of summer, cool feet are equally important? Of course, we can’t all go around barefooted, and in most societies business is conducted in shoes and socks.  Feet take the brunt of the heat when temperatures soar with humidity on a constant rise.  It can’t be helped because feet are most likely wrapped in socks and placed in shoes that keep out the air so that they are enveloped in humid heat.  Poor feet! 

The “USB Shoe Cooler,” a USB stick with attached tube sends cool air to the bottom of your feet, could be the answer that shoe-clad feet all over the world have been waiting for! Read More