We try the new seasonal chocolate that’s available only for a limited time.

Now that sakura season is upon us, it’s time to fill up our picnic baskets with some of the best limited-edition cherry blossom treats on offer, and one of this year’s most popular seasonal sweets is the Sakura and Roasted Soy Bean Kit Kat.

Unlike their Chocolatory-exclusive high-end strawberry sakura Kit Kats, these ones are more widely available, with each pack containing 12 mini-sized pieces, each wrapped up in some gorgeous pink-petalled wrapping.

▼ The individually wrapped Kit Kats are perfect for sharing with family, friends and co-workers.

Sakura and kinako (roasted soy bean) are two of Japan’s most distinctive flavours. Commonly appearing in traditional desserts, this was our first time to try the combination together in chocolate form.

As soon as we unwrapped one of the chocolates, we were hit with the sweet smell of roasted soy bean powder. The light colour of the chocolate used in the sweet also had the same hue as kinako, which is one of our favourite flavours.

Snapping into the Kit Kat reveals its crisp layers, which are infused with sakura and soy bean cream. Biting into one reveals that these two ingredients make for a fantastic combination, with the pronounced taste of kinako blending perfectly with the wafer and eventually rounding itself out to reveal a slight hint of salty sakura. The floral aroma of the cherry blossom creates a pleasant aftertaste, and when combined with the nutty kinako, this is a match made in heaven.

The limited-edition Kit Kats retail for 298 yen (US$2.80) plus tax and are only available in stores during the spring cherry blossom viewing season. If you’re looking for more special sakura treats to add to your hanami picnic, like parfaits, pastries and traditional desserts, don’t forget to take a peak at this range available now at 7-Eleven.

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