We’ve seen feline face masks, kitten-faced privacy hoods and even adorable cat obi sashes for your kimono, but now there’s something new to add to your fashionable wardrobe.

It’s the four-piece cat lingerie set from online shop Felissimo. Each set comes with a cute pair of panties, a choker, a bra shaped like cat ears, and a fluffy detachable tail.

Felissimo’s Flufeel intimate apparel brand created the new line of cat-inspired lingerie as part of their Nekobu (Cat Club) range. Late last year, they released several three-piece sets for 3,772 yen (US$31.44) each, which were a hit with customers.

▼ The whimsical Black Cat set


▼ The slightly cheekier American Shorthair set.


▼ The pampered Persian set.


Now, they’ve added a choker, which can be used as either a frilly, faux-cat collar or as a headband, and they’ve also introduced three different cats to choose from. Knowing that cute kitties come in all sorts of sizes, they offer a huge range: A65–D75 size bras with medium to large-sized short sets retail for 4,204 yen ($35.01) and E65–G80 size bras with large to extra-large short sets are available for 4,528 yen ($37.71).

▼ The gracious Himalayan.


▼ The graceful Russian Blue.


▼ The painfully cute Scottish Fold. Look how those gorgeous droopy ears are recreated on the bra cups!


Felissimo’s online store is taking orders now for delivery in late October to late November. If you’re lucky, you might receive your delivery in time for Halloween. If you choose to be an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, well, that’s another story!


Source: Felissimo Blog
Images: Felissimo Online Store