LowCostCosplay never fails to entertain with their creative interpretations of some of our favorite characters!

If you are an avid RocketNews24 reader (and I certainly hope you are), then you’ll recognize LowCostCosplay from our previous posts on the often hilarious photos from their Facebook page. Based in Thailand, LowCostCosplay shares wacky and inspiring ways to recreate famous characters and scenes. In this picture, they make use of badminton shuttlecocks and candles taped to a mirror to create Mercy’s wings, but it’s the distance from the mirror and how he positions himself that creates the intended effect.

And here are some other budget takes on Overwatch character:

But, of course, they’ve cosplayed as characters from other sources as well! And some of the best pictures take little to no effort at all:

And sure, this Titanic one seems almost too easy, but what’s really happening is that we are getting to see how ordinary things can be used for different purposes – this is true creative genius.

▼ Ok, maybe not genius, but you get the picture.

In another “Who wore it better?” pic, LowCostCosplay takes on professional wrestling:

With 700,000 likes on their Facebook page alone, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’re going to be blessed with more gems like these in the future. Until that day, though, check out some classic LowCostCosplay pics on our previous posts, like thrifty ideas from LowCostCosplay, this awesome post from last year, and a few budget-friendly cosplay ideas.

And if you feel your own creative juices flowing, we’d love to see what kind of low-cost cosplay you come up with! Tweet us your pics @RocketNews24EN!

Source: Facebook/LowCostCosplay
Featured image: Facebook/LowCostCosplay