Gudetama the lazy egg is now a McFlurry dessert, and we tried the limited-edition item to see just how sweet he can be! 

Yup, when we heard that popular Sanrio character Gudetama was being turned into a dessert from McDonald’s Japan, we definitely knew we’d have to try it, because well, a McFlurry snack inspired by a Sanrio egg character has to taste pretty amazing, right? So, off we went to a McDonald’s nearby to get a cup of the good, sweet stuff! Plus, the fact that McDonald’s initially kept the flavor of the McFlurry a secret only adds to the fun.

▼ Here’s the promotional poster board we saw at the cashier counter showing the six different cups the Gudetama McFlurry comes in.

Yes, we were pretty excited to finally get our hands on a cup of the Gudetama McFlurry!

Our McFlurry came in a cup featuring Gudetama wearing what looks like funky yellow sunglasses.

Ever since McDonald’s announced the item, we’d been looking forward to tasting the mystery “Gudetama flavor”! Here’s what the McFlurry itself looked like:

We saw that the McFlurry contained the usual soft serve ice cream base, as well as the two mystery sauces in a golden brown color, and also pieces of what appeared to be sponge cake. As you can guess, we were more than ready to take a bite of the cold, sweet cream along with a bit of the cake.

When we dug deeper into the McFlurry, it looked like there might have been some light brown ice cream mixed in with the soft serve, but it was hard to tell if that was just the color of the two sauces blending with the white soft serve ice cream, especially as the creamy portion of the dessert is whipped and mixed thoroughly.

▼ Mmmm …. look at all that creamy sweetness!

Okay, so our impression after tasting the McFlurry? It was all sweet caramel, and we thoroughly enjoyed it! The cake was soft and fluffy and added a delightful bit of texture to the mix, instead of the entire dessert being just a smooth cream. But what stood out the most was the distinct flavor of caramel, although as we’ve already mentioned, we weren’t quite sure if there was caramel-flavored ice cream added to the creamy mix, or if the taste was just from the sauces.  Maybe one of the sauces is caramel and the other custard, but it’s hard to say what single flavor they’ve tried to create with a combination of all the ingredients. Could it be baked custard pudding, or a sweet French Toast?

Whatever the secret flavor is, it doesn’t change the fact we found the McFlurry delectable and a perfect early summer dessert. In any case, we’ll find out soon enough what Gudetam’s mystery flavor is, as McDonald’s Japan will be announcing it on June 13. If you’re a Gudetama or caramel fan, you can try the Gudetama McFlurry for 290 yen (US$2.63) a cup until early July at McDonld’s across Japan, so don’t miss this chance!

Photos ©SoraNews24