Mitsuya Cider

Japanese daughter’s attempt at making cool watermelon soda fountain turns into torture device

Still, it was a lot of messy fun for the whole family.

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Japanese vending machines set to become cooler than ever by selling sub-zero soft drinks

New machines to go into service in time for Japan’s steamy summer months.

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Carbonated drink commercial pulled after being deemed “too dangerous” by viewers

The company behind Mitsuya Cider apologizes for their thoughtlessness in glorifying reckless behavior in their ad.

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Just in time for summer, Asahi to begin selling Mitsuya Cider served at a slushy -5℃

Hot on the heels of an announcement that cold and sugary foods are bad for your body, Asahi announced that they are releasing their coldest sugary drink to date. I’m willing to take the risk however, because summer in Japan can suck pretty hard and a sub-zero beverage would definitely hit the spot.

This new drink called “Mitsuya Freezing Cider,” turns to ice the moment you pop the cap. Sounds great but Asahi seems to have surprised netizens a little with their unique distribution plans.

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