The creepy giants from Attack on Titan may be closer to us than we think. *Spoilers*

Most anime fans have heard of Attack on Titan by now, an amazing series that has already reached its third season. It tells the story of humans on the brink of extinction battling against some of the most creepy giants in history.

In the anime, the only structure sturdy enough to keep the invading giants at bay were immense walls built eons ago. After a climactic battle in the first season’s final episode, viewers saw a chilling scene where one broken part of the wall revealed that these barriers actually housed countless numbers of immobilized titans.

▼ The surprise ending shocked a lot of viewers.

So imagine how Japanese Twitter user @ARiA_OMG0820 must have felt when he stumbled across the same scene in Animate, a local comic book store.

“Stop fooling around, Animate. That really creeped me out.”

Well-made sticker or not, having an eerie face staring right back at you from a hole in the ground would have frightened even the bravest of souls, particularly since it belonged to a ravenous giant with a voracious appetite for humans.

It scared Japanese netizens that something so dangerous could be found so close to them:

“Hey!!! Quickly cover that up with a cloth and don’t let sunlight shine on it!!
“That’s a little creepy.”
“Ah, that’s the Animate in Kawanishi that I often go to! I’ll take care not to step on it.”
“That’s some scary stuff there.”
“It looks so real.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if people actually treaded carefully around the titan’s face for fear of disturbing the slumbering monster, but humankind would do well not to leave it up to chance. Prepare for the worst and get some 3-D maneuver gear and razor swords from a nearby convenience store before it’s too late!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@ARiA_OMG0820