What an amazing low-budget, DIY mobile gamer tool!

In gacha games like Fate/Grand Order (also known as FGO), the number one most popular mobile game in Japan, patience is key, especially when trying to get ultra rare or super limited edition characters or items from loot boxes. The odds of getting exactly what you want are extremely low, so some players spend even their family’s inheritance money on hundreds of boxes, hoping beyond hope that one of them will have a rare card.

For many, money isn’t the issue, but patience is. When opening a bunch of loot boxes, you have to tap the same spot over, and over, and over, and over again, because there’s no function to open up a bunch of boxes at once, at least not in FGO. That’s why one FGO fan, Twitter user @hjk_iii, invented a machine that would do it for them!

Yes, that’s exactly what you think it is: a sausage taped to two small cartons of tomato juice, hanging over an electric whisker (purchased at a 100 yen shop), which is running at a brisk speed. As a result, the sausage quickly bounces up and down, tapping on the smart phone screen and speeding the gacha box opening process along, completely hands free.

It’s a rather ingenious creation, and though one might find the use of a raw sausage a little bit distasteful, it fits perfectly into the mechanism, because it is both firm enough and flexible enough to do the job. Besides, if one uses protection (by wrapping their phone with plastic wrap), clean-up is easy!

Japanese netizens were so impressed by the amazing device that the post went viral, with comments ranging from shock to amusement to admiration.

“I laughed so hard.”
“I’ve always wanted something that would just tap forever. This is it!”
“When I saw this I first thought, ‘What the heck??’ (^^)”
“This is an inappropriate video with sensitive content.”
“Something interesting is thrusting upon that Caster of Midrash lol”
“Was the sausage torn to shreds? Or did it look like it was going to be?”
“There’s something obscene about the way that sausage is moving…”
“Lots of people have thought of making a device like this, but it’s amazing that you managed to make one out of such ordinary household items!”

@hjk_iii noted that the electric whisk moved at slightly too quick a pace, and his sausage was, in fact, a little damaged by the rough gyrations. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the inventor from heating it up and eating it as a snack afterwards! Such a useful device, that is also delicious. It’s a win-wiener!

Now if only it could be portable…perhaps combined in some way with the hands free Pokémon Go device? Then it would be truly revolutionary (although, perhaps, widely frowned upon).

Source: Twitter/@hjk_iii via Togech
Features image: Twitter/@hjk_iii