We didn’t know olives and vanilla ice cream could go so well together.

An insatiable craving for quality ice cream has gripped Japanese-language reporter K. Masami ever since she overheard Mr. Sato bragging about how he effortlessly gobbled up Japan’s longest soft serve ice cream.

But an opportunity unexpectedly presented itself when Masami visited Ushimado Olive Garden in Okayama Prefecture. She had been hunting for souvenirs to bring back to friends when she spotted a store with a sign…

▼ …that advertised “The second most delicious soft serve in the world”.

A variety of flavors were on offer — mandarin orange included — but since she was already at a renowned olive garden, Masami figured she should choose an olive soft serve (400 yen, US$3.58) instead. What came out was a snow-white vanilla soft serve with little bits of olive pieces, which she thought was really gorgeous.

▼ Will it live up to its reputation?

▼ A closer examination revealed that the pickled olive pieces had been coated in sugar.

Masami took a tentative slurp and was surprised by its contrasting sweet and salty profile. The crunchiness of the olives paired extremely well with the velvety vanilla, creating a truly unique combination of flavors.

▼ “So this is what the world’s second most delicious soft serve tastes like,”
said a delighted Masami.

▼ Made even tastier by the breathtaking view of the olive garden.

▼ That is one happy Masami.

Curious, she asked the store staff just what was the most delicious soft serve in the world, to which the employee replied jovially, “New Zealand’s of course!”

Perhaps the store owner was not aware of world famous chef Dominque Ansel’s mouthwatering Caramel Sweet Corn soft serve ice cream, but the olive one did come rather close. Nevertheless, it was a salty sweet experience for Masami, and she wholeheartedly recommends readers to give this place a try the next time they visit Okayama Prefecture.

Store information
Ushimado Olive Garden / 牛窓オリーブ園
Address: Okayama-ken 701-4302, Setouchi-shi, Ushimado-cho, Ushimado, 412-1
〒701-4302 岡山県瀬戸内市牛窓町牛窓412−1
Open: 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Images: ©SoraNews24
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