Ahiru Neko crafts footwear that is both a bold statement and eco-friendly.

A little while back, our resident fry-lover Ahiru Neko was enlightened by the knowledge that you can use the flap on McDonald’s fry boxes as a handy ketchup tray. This discovery made his mind explore other possibilities for these sturdy containers.

It was then that he realized that the large-sized boxes in particular were just the right size to fit on a person’s feet. After drawing up a few croquis in preparation, he headed to McDonald’s to make this dream a reality…

How to Make McDonald’s Fry Box Shoes

Step 1: Order four large fries.

Step 2: Eat them. Hey, if you’re going to walk the walk then you’d better be able to eat the eat.

Step 3: Clear the boxes of crumbs and salt remnants. They would be uncomfortable and attract small creatures to your feet.

Step 4: With a parent’s supervision, cut the front side of two of the boxes out, leaving a little bit of overhang on the sides to grip to your feet.

Step 5: Cut some more along the bottom of the hole you just cut, making the edge curved.

Step 6: Apply some tape to the edge for both comfort and strength.

Step 7: Take the uncut boxes and slide them over the top of the cut ones. Adjust for size, and then tape them together.

Step 8: Sit back and marvel at your creation.

Not bad, eh? You’d probably never guess they were ever fry boxes. It’s as if Manolo Blahnik and Ronald McDonald collaborated on some revolutionary footwear.

But you can’t just step outside with your hands in your pockets and head hung low and expect people to take your fry-box shoes seriously. In fashion, its not just about the clothes. It’s about the attitude.

▼ “Oh, hi there.”

▼ “I couldn’t help but notice you watching me from afar.”

▼ “I was just contemplating the essence of beauty and it’s as if beauty itself manifested to become an angel such as yourself.”

▼ “Why yes, these are McDonald’s fry boxes… And yes, I will marry you.”

Indeed, Ahiru Neko was turning heads all over Tokyo. The bright red-and-yellow shoes subtly accentuated the restrained grey of his sweatpants, much like the brightly colored sign of a convenience store against the grey concrete of the city, both contrasting and complementing.

“I’m sorry, these shoes are not for sale,” he told everyone in his imagination, “But if you eat McDonald’s fries then you can have some soon too.”

There was certainly no arguing that they looked fantastic, but how did they feel? You’d probably expect the glossy card paper to lack the traction for urban strolls…

Oh, what’s this! Ahiru Neko you clever dog, you put some 100-yen-store slip guards on the bottom!

That settles it! These shoes are perfect…except for the fact that they’re as weak as paper and Ahiru Neko had to walk extra slow for fear that his feet would tear right through them.

On the other hand, considering these boxes would otherwise be garbage, the cost effectiveness was immeasurable. Just one warning, the smell from these greasy slip-ons might make you hungry, but you must never eat them. That’s what the chocolate shoes are for.

Images: SoraNews24
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