There’s music all around us-eerily unsettling music.

Who could forget James Cameron’s cinematic masterpiece that is The Terminator. I can still vividly remember sitting in the theaters and watching Rose and Jack sail away on an ill-fated voyage to cut down a magic tree belonging to a noble race of blue monster people.

This was all accompanied by the driving synth soundtrack of Brad Fiedel, whose work is summed up best in the iconic “The Terminator Theme.” Let’s take a nostalgic listen at this immortal score, as performed by Twitter user Gocchan’s (@_GocChaN_) grandmother’s front door.

The quarter-million likes that this tweet has already received shows that most people were easily able to pick out the rhythm of The Terminator Theme from the simple act of closing a door. For those who haven’t heard the 1984 composition in a while and need a refresher, Twitter user Ke-sake (@ke_sake3) mixed the door with the original recording.

Others imagined the fun that could be had with such a musical door.

“I’m going to the store! [du-nun-nun nu-NUN] I’ll be back.”
“Time to go to work! [du-nun-nun nu-NUN] Hasta la vista, baby.”
“Wow, even the tempo is right.”
“You should worry about JASRAC [Japan’s music copyright collection organization] fining your grandma.”

But I think the general consensus of Japanese Twitter users could be summed up as:

While it’s undeniable that this old door is a dead ringer for the Terminator theme, there is a far more pressing matter to this whole situation. A few of the comments have reminded me that in Japan, Arnold Schwarzenegger is sometimes referred to as “Schwa-chan” (Shuwa-chan).

“Schwa-chan, good smile!”

With this knowledge, it’s clear now that all of us around the globe must make a concerted effort to refer to the bodybuilder-turned-actor as “Schwa-chan” from now on whenever the opportunity arises. “Gov. Schwa-chan” is also acceptable if you’re American and adhere to the honorary titles used there. Either way, it needs to be done until the name sticks.

Together, we can make a difference.

Source: Twitter/@_GocChaN_
Top image: Twitter/@_GocChaN_