A perfume saleswoman gave this fangirl some great advice to keep her fantasies fueled through fragrances.

Japan is one of the greatest places to be if you’re a budding young fangirl, with all manner of cute guys to obsess over. What’s more, if your tastes lean more towards fiction than flesh, you can find hot guys in potato chip bags, notebooks or even ATM machines.

But while fictional men are great to fantasize about, there are some downsides. For one, you’ll never know what it’s like to be embraced by a fictional paramour, and breathe in the smell of his cologne

Or maybe you will? A perfume saleswoman gave some advice to fangirl and Twitter user @arx160_mk, who was visiting her store to brew up a fragrance based after her fictional crush.

“When I went to make my own fragrance, the saleswoman recommended something to me.
‘If you spritz a little on your clothes before you bathe, when you come back to them it’ll smell like him when you wear it! And if you spray a little on the towel you use to dry yourself with…your skin will smell like him when you’re done towelling yourself down.’
…Telling that to a daydreaming girl is pretty much murder, you know?”

Apparently the saleswoman had even more salacious suggestions, as @arx160_mk continues:

“She did also say, on the other hand, “If you were to spritz the fragrance on your pillow you might get too excited to sleep, so I can’t recommend it.” Naturally, I went home and sprayed it all over my pillow.”

Presumably @arx160_mk was brewing up her preferred perfume for her favorite character, Cane, from the mobile game The Thousand Musketeers. But if you’re head over heels for, say, a certain man from Russia, a zombie or soccer star Keisuke Honda, it’ll be even easier to conjure up realistic fantasies of being embraced in their aroma.

Source: Nijimen
Featured image: Pakutaso

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