Gorogoro goodness that fans have been waiting a whole year for.

Japan’s Matsuya chain of restaurants started out as just another beef bowl place, but that’s no longer the case. Every month Matsuya rolls out new items, giving us new tasty, filling, and affordable ways to satisfy our taste buds and our stomachs.

But wait, if Matsuya adds new items every month, does that mean they have a massive menu? Not exactly, since in keeping with Japan’s love of seasonal flavors, as new menu items rotate in, others rotate out. Because of that, we’ve spent the last year in a bit of a funk, with no way to satisfy our craving for Matsuya’s Gorogoro Chicken Curry, which has been absent from the menu since a year ago.

Oh, about the name, “gorogoro” isn’t an obscure breed of chicken. It’s a Japanese word that shows a ton of stuffing or filling in a dish, and the Gorogoro Chicken Curry, served in a ceramic bowl, is stuffed with meaty goodness, and also a slightly spicier roux than Matsuya’s standard, non-Gorogoro Chicken curry.

Just as our staff was getting misty-eyed at our bittersweet remembrances of this savory, spicy dish, we got the news that Matsuya has brought the Gorogoro Chickn Curry back to its menu as of April 16, prompting our Japanese-language reporter Go to declare he’s ready to eat it seven days a week for as long as it’s available.

The Gorogoro Chicken Curry, served in a set with rice and miso soup, is priced at 590 yen (US$5.30), or 690 yen if you want the extra-large size. It’s available at Matsuya branches across Japan, and if you decide to try it for yourself, say hi to Go for us while you’re there.

Top image: Matsuya
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