Japanese convenience store chain makes Pokémon dreams come true!

Pokémon Sleep may be a game that rewards you for sleeping, but you won’t want to hit the snooze button on 4 June, because that’s when something big is coming to Family Mart stores around Japan.

Called the Pokémon Sleep Campaign, this new collaboration is the first-ever between the game and a convenience store, and it includes a variety of exclusive new goods, as well as a chance to win some big prizes.

The first thing we’re being treated to is a new Pineapple Frappe, or “Pine Frappe” as it’s known in Japanese, which is made with golden pineapples from the Philippines.

▼ The Pine Frappes retail for 298 yen (US$1.90) each.

The frappes are said to have a refreshing sweet-and-tart taste, with jelly pieces providing bursts of jiggly texture, and they come in a choice of two designs — either Pikachu in the Droopy-Eared Sleep style, as seen above, or the Atop-Belly Sleep style, on Snorlax (below).

Family Mart’s smartly packed range of Convenience Wear apparel has become a cult classic amongst local and international convenience store fans, and now, for the first time ever, it will be adding two Pokémon-branded goods to its lineup.

▼ The Towel in Pouch (2,000 yen) does exactly what it says, by packing a towel inside a pouch, which in this case is Snorlax’s body.

As the pieces are removable, this convenient item can be used in three different ways — as a standalone pouch, a standalone towel, or a towel-in-pouch set.

The towel measures 23 x 23 centimetres (9 x 9 inches) while the pouch, which has a convenient strap, measures 15 x 19 centimetres.

▼ The other new item in the range is the Mini Blanket (2,000 yen).

Gentle to the touch, this 66 x 44-centimetre blanket is said to feature a “life-sized Pikachu” and the Curled-up Sleep design makes it the perfect nap companion.

The fun doesn’t end there, because customers who purchase any two of the jelly drink products below will receive a free…

…Pokémon Sleep scented paper charm!

▼ There are 5 types of charms to collect: Pikachu, Snorlax, Togepi, Slowpoke, and Eevee.

Users of Family Mart’s Famipay app can earn a stamp for each Pine Frappe purchased, and those who earn two stamps can enter the lottery to win a Mini Blanket & Towel in Pouch Set, which will be awarded to 50 lucky winners.

Those who have four stamps can apply to win the Relax with Snorlax Bead cushion, which will be awarded to five winners.

The Pokémon Sleep campaign is only available for a limited time, while stocks last, from 4-24 June, and applications for the lotteries will be open to residents of Japan until 28 June. It’s not every day we get treated to branded goods like these, so be sure to get in quick as soon as the campaign starts — in this game of Pokémon Sleep, if you snooze, you lose!

Source, images: PR Times
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