With the power of special effects and video editing, and awesome martial arts skills, you, too, can be a traffic cone master!

To be honest, when it comes to makeshift weapons to use in an emergency situation, a traffic cone is not one that even comes to mind. It’s soft, usually pretty light, and honestly kind of unwieldy. A rock, maybe, or an umbrella would probably be a better option if you really needed to grab something fast.

You might change your mind, however, after watching Twitter user Misoji Salaryman (@kerizawa) kick some serious imaginary butt with a traffic cone, with a little bit of help from CG special effects, of course.


Dressed in a well-fitting business suit, Misoji Salaryman performs some seriously awesome martial arts kicks and strikes, but the main event is the traffic cone. It is used in all kinds of ways to attack and defend; one moment he’s using it to strike violently at his opponents

…and the next he attaches it to his foot and uses it to extend his kick reach, plus fire off gun blasts from the tip!

He also uses it as a shield, as a cannon, and as some kind of blaster…it truly becomes a versatile killing device! The special effects are slightly cheesy, exaggerating the swishing movements of the cone and the impact of the blows, and setting off unnecessary sparks everywhere, but it’s reminiscent of some of our favorite action films and role-playing video games, so we aren’t complaining too much. In fact, coupled with the awesome action music and absolutely fantastic martial arts choreography, it’s enough to get us sufficiently excited to pick up a traffic cone and start swinging it around!

▼ Kids, don’t try this at home.

Misoji Salaryman is actually a motion actor for video games and anime, in addition to being a salaryman, and he has even worked with the creators of the Psycho Pass: Sinners of the System anime film series. He’s uploaded some other videos of him doing incredible fight moves with real weapons as well as household items like umbrellas, with and without special effects (though the effects make them extra exciting).


Now we’re wondering how a cone would have affected the tae kwon do vs. kung fu battle that happened recently at a Chinese mall…and whether this guy would be on either of the teams, or in a league of his own.

Source: Twitter/@kerizawa via Otacom
Featured image: Twitter/@kerizawa

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