But does it really capture the feeling of smashing through a piece of neoclassical architecture?

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And now word has come of a new Shiba Inu dog-walking simulator game that, while still in its early stages, is looking quite promising. It faithfully recreates the world of Shiba Inu walking, in which the peppy pup drags around a lifeless husk of a human.

There is still little information about gameplay, but any Shiba owner will surely recognize this slice of life of getting dragged along the asphalt and then hurled mercilessly into buildings and vehicles.

Based on what we see, it would appear to be similar to games like the Tony Hawk franchise in which the Shiba Inu wanders through a closed urban environment, seeking out people to trigger missions. The only difference here is that the people are found by the dog slinging its owner into buildings and demolishing them.

Everyone agrees that it’s a charming formula which needs to see the light of day.

“That…was not what I was expecting.”
“Which one is the master?”
“That’s exactly what I feel like when walking my dog.”
“LOL at the charge attack.”
“Stop! Stop! The owner’s already dead…”
“Forget goats. This is the new breed of simulator.”
“This should become an e-sport.”

The game is currently being shown off by developers Project Pegasus under the title of Play Dog Play Tag which would suggest there might be some sort of multiplayer component. Perhaps a group of shiba inu will compete by flinging their owners at each other while destroying cities in the process.

More will likely be revealed when Play Dog Play Tag is exhibited at BitSummit Seven Spirits, an indie game festival held in Kyoto on June 1-2. But if it continues to build on its already buzz-worthy premise, its cute little dogs may usher the thousands of Japanese people said to suffer from “multiplay phobia” out of their shells and into a friendly game of online dog tag.

Source: Twitter/@PRpegasus, Hamusoku, BitSummit Seven Spirits
Feature image: Twitter/@PRpegasus
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