Collect all ten of these cleverly designed packages of competitive fun before they run out.

McDonald’s in Japan is unlike any other country’s, as they are seriously good at coming up with exotic new flavors and campaigns that keep us coming back for more.

Their newest promotion sees the company collaborating with Mario, the most famous plumber in the world, to bring us a whole slew of limited-edition toys. Included together with their trademark Happy Meals, these ten toys will definitely keep young ones and even adults entertained.

▼ The promotional video highlights some of the fun you can have with them.

While these toys can be amusing in their own right, their entertainment potential really shows when played in a competitive setting.

▼ Another video explains in detail what each gadget does.

First up is a Mario Goal Pole Game, where players have to press a red button to make Mario jump and knock the red flag down.

▼ Players with the least amount of button presses will be deemed the winner.

▼ Next up is Mario Roulette, which involves players hitting a yellow block to
align three similar pictures in as few hits as possible.

Mario’s brother makes an appearance in the form of a Luigi’s Fireball Game, where players set a fireball disc into his hand and attempt to launch it into Koopa Troopa and Goomba cutouts.

▼ Burn those baddies to the ground before your rival does.

The Yoshi Dash Game lets players shoot a Yoshi figure toward an egg and an apple using a pair of tongs. This one is all about accuracy, and children will have a ball of a time making the world’s most lovable dinosaur dash towards his favorite items.

▼ Will you be able to harness Yoshi’s boundless energy?

Peach’s Spin Game is the perfect activity for a finger workout, as children race to see
how fast they can spin the lovely princess to fill up a star meter.

Peach’s Popping Game lets players bounce colorful stars and heart pieces into
two open pipes using a lever in as few moves as possible.

Mario’s Magnet Adventure Game is all about pulling a Mario magnet and pushing his Koopa shell to the end point faster than your rivals.

▼ There’s even a trick jump at the end to watch out for.

Speed is of the essence in a cool Mario and Luigi’s Double Maze Game, where players tilt a board to guide a Mario capsule to a hole. When flipped, it switches to a Luigi capsule in his own maze.

▼ Double the fun in a single toy.

▼ Launch the shell and see how many points you score in the Green Shell Pinball Game.

Mario’s Cube Puzzle Game requires manipulation of a foldable puzzle to try and line up the cubes according to whatever is shown on a drawn card.

▼ Great fun for those with inquisitive minds.

Aside from the toys, the Happy Meal box also rocks a Super Mario Halloween theme that allows kids to cut out Mario’s mustache and other items to stick onto their drinking straws.

▼ What an awesome Halloween collaboration!

The promotion begins on 19 October and will last about a month, allowing McDonald’s and Mario fans plenty of time to collect all ten of these limited-edition toys. So head on down, grab a Happy Meal and a box of spicy McNuggets while you’re at it, and duke it out Mario-style with your friends.

Source: McDonald’s Japan via Nikkei, Entabe
Top image: YouTube/McDonald’s Japan
Insert images: Nikkei Press Release