Playful pooches now have their signature fashion accessory.

There are a lot of reasons to love Shiba Inu. The Japanese Internet’s favorite breed of pooch is cute, silly, and sometimes even industrious. And to top it all off, Shiba are fashionable too.

Don’t believe us? A Japanese Google search for “Shiba Inu scarf” spits back plenty of photographic evidence that Shiba regularly rock snazzy neckwear in Japan, and almost always with the distinct pattern called karakua, sort of a Japanese arabesque.

▼ Looking sharp, Shibas!

Because of that, drinkware maker Goodglas committed a pretty major oversight when it unveiled its adorable Shiba Inu-shaped drinking glasses last winter. Yes, they were undeniably adorable, but they weren’t wearing scarves! Naturally, this is an issue Goodglas needed to address, and it’s done so by creating a new, updated Shiba glass that has the dogs in their proper attire.

The double-wall design creates a space within a space inside the glass, which in this case is shaped like the neck, face, and head of a Shiba, complete with perky ears and an energetically friendly expression. The real fun, though, comes when you fill them with a beverage, creating a liquid sculpture of the dog.

The red-scarved Shiba is clear, while the green-scarved one is tinted a warm brown shade, making the color of its “coat” a surprise, since it’ll be slightly different than the color of the beverage itself.

Oh, but don’t worry. If you prefer to dress your glass Shiba in a collar, Goodglas is also still selling its original design.

All versions of the Shiba Inu glass are priced at 3,200 yen (US$30) each and can be ordered here through Goodglas Japan’s online store.

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