Taco Bell introduces the Naked Chicken Taco to Japan with a special deal for diners in tank tops

We go and flex our muscles for the tasty new taco.

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Osaka’s Okonomiyaki Burrito is both classic Taco Bell and completely different【Taste test】

A prodigal Taco Bell customer returns to the franchise and is surprised with what he finds.

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Taco Bell Osaka branches now selling okonomiyaki burritos, promise delicious fusion flavor

A tortilla stuffed with all the tasty trappings of okonomiyaki? Sign us up!

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Sushi burritos come to Tokyo with the opening of Beeat in Tokyo, and we tried three for ourselves

In the biggest sushi-loving town on the planet, can this unique twist on Japan’s food culture succeed?

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Starbucks starts selling sushi in America, calls it a “burrito” and “sandwich” for some reason

Not all edible cylinders are burritos.

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Hooray! Taco Bell opens in Japan and we’re there to get the commemorative T-shirt and free taco!

While you can certainly find countless restaurants offering a seemingly endless range of cuisines in Japan, if you’ve spent some time in the country, you may have noticed that options for Mexican food (or at least American-Mexican food) can be somewhat limited. So when news went around that American fast food chain Taco Bell was going to re-open in Japan, the response on the Japanese Internet was huge. And while we understand that not everyone is a fan of Taco Bell, there certainly seemed to be enough people overjoyed that the chain was finally returning to Japan after having opened shop here once for just a short time in the 1980s.

All of this meant that the opening of the new Taco Bell shop in Shibuya, Tokyo was bound to attract lots of attention as well as a good crowd, and not to miss out on the excitement and tacos, our very own Mr. Sato from the Japanese arm of RocketNews24 was there on opening day to bring you the following report!

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What, there’s now a specialty burrito shop in Tokyo? Of course, we had to go try it ourselves!

Now, Tokyo has more than its share of restaurants offering almost any and all types of cuisine, but truth be told, Mexican food is not one of our fortes. There aren’t very many Mexican restaurants to start with, and in all honesty, I personally have yet to try a truly satisfying burrito (or fajita for that matter) in Japan. Somehow, the stuff just isn’t the same as the satisfying Mexican fare filled with plenty of juicy meat and cheese that I used to have in the U.S.

So when we heard that a specialty burrito shop, apparently the first of its kind in Japan, was going to open in the Marunoichi office district of Tokyo, we knew we had to go try the food there ourselves. We headed to Marunouchi on the opening day of the new “umum good burritos!” shop to get a taste of their burritos. The eatery had been introduced briefly on national TV, and from what he had heard, they even served an interesting dessert burrito, so naturally we were excited to make our visit! 

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20 yummy animal burritos to satisfy your cute cravings!【Photos】

All right, burrito lovers, step right up! Burritos are perhaps the most convenient well-balanced meals in the world (in my opinion). You get your carbohydrates, meat, vegetables, and a great burst of flavors, all in a handy-sized wrap that you can basically eat anywhere, even on the go. Perfect!

However, if there’s just one thing that’s better than a burrito, it’s gotta be an animal burrito! All you have to do is look at it and it’ll fill up your empty hearts and souls with an irresistible gush of cuteness that will leave you feeling like a better person (hypothetically)! Here are twenty of them, all rolled up and ready to go!

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