Because who hasn’t dreamed of sleeping on a giant piece of bread before?

When it comes to bread, Japan has got it down in terms of uniqueness and innovation. From watermelon bread to adorable bunny and cat loaves, we can’t help but admire Japanese bakers’ devotion to making bread as visually pleasing as it is mouth-watering.

Now, they’ve taken their love for bread one step further. At this year’s Bread Festival in Totsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, media company Supermarket Kakamu displayed a giant, fluffy piece of bread as a photo spot for festival-goers to snap shots with. It is a piece of “shokupan,” or sandwich bread, that is almost a staple in many Japanese households.

Supermarket Kakamu went so far with this quirky idea as to create “recipes” to take good photos. There’s the classic “sleeping butter toast,” in which someone sleeps on the bread bed wearing butter-colored pajamas.

▼ The deeper the sleep, the stronger the illusion of actual butter on toast.

Another recipe for “sleeping vegetable bread” calls for ingredients such as one lettuce blanket, tomato cushions, cucumber cushions, and a person wearing mayonnaise-colored pajamas.

▼ No matter the sleeping position, it looks like pure and delicious art.

We checked Twitter for shots of this actually happening, and while it was slightly different from the press release photos, it was still hilarious.

▼ If this employee was wearing the mentioned mayonnaise-colored pajamas, they would have nailed it!

One of our favorites is the “sleeping pizza toast,” since it calls for at least two people. They need to be nestled under a cheese blanket, various vegetable cushions, and wearing ketchup-flavored pajamas.

▼ If you’re a lover of pizza toast, you’ll definitely appreciate the realness of this photo set.

You’re no doubt thinking, “I want to sleep on the bread bed!” but we have some unfortunate news for you: the bed was only available to the public from July 19 to July 21. However, since the unique experience has gained a lot of attention on social media and people are asking for it to be made available to buyers, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we can experience it again! If you need a slice of bread swag to hold you over until we await Supermarket Kakamu’s next move, hunt down some of these bread-shaped bags.

Sources: ADB, @pressTwitter/@TozukaH
Images: @Press
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