Pasela’s gesture is simple but effective, and receiving lots of praise.

Like much of the world this year, Japan has been hit with scorching temperatures, mercilessly cloudless skies, and steaming humidity. It’s already claimed a number of lives, and is even causing seemingly able-bodied young men to go into cardiac arrest.

It’s in these times that a simple cup of water in some shade can make a huge difference, and that’s just what high-end karaoke chain Karaoke Pasela (operated by Pasela Resorts) is offering, free of charge. A tweet from their Akihabara location reminds anyone and everyone that their doors are open and cold water is on tap.

SIGN: “Please be careful about heatstroke. Please drink some cold water inside even if you aren’t a customer of this business.”

Many people online came out in support of Pasela for not only providing such a service but explicitly saying so and leaving no doubt in people who might feel uncomfortable “mooching” off a place of business.

“I really appreciate this service.”
“That’s a kind gesture. I will remember it.”
“I once went into a Pasela with my child who had dirty clothes. The staff was very nice and polite and lent me a bathroom without asking for anything in return.”
“Pasela’s prices are higher than other places, but their service is also high. This shows they also have social awareness.”
“This is the hospitality that Japan needs right now.”
“Do they have one of these places in Hiroshima?”

“They’ve been doing this for a while.”

Indeed, you might have noticed that the sign in the photo doesn’t seem hurriedly put together just in time for this particular bout of hot weather. The idea actually started back in 2011 and gradually spread to all Karaoke Pasela locations in Japan. Some even offer salt candies and cold towels.

▼ Salt candies can help replenish electrolytes lost through sweat

They are also refreshingly upfront with regards to this not being an entirely selfless act. In an interview with J-Town Net a rep for Pasela’s parent company Newton said, “our goal is to get Pasela into everyone’s lives. For example, we’d be happy if mothers feel welcome in with their children and just rest without any hesitation.”

The Newton rep also pointed out that this open-door policy not only applies to all Karaoke Pasela locations in Japan, but all Newton-managed locations in Japan. And this is where it gets really interesting.

Pasela Resorts, for example, operates a slew of locations in Tokyo alone, such as restaurants like Who’s Food’s and Honey Toast Cafe, bars like Los Cabos and Three Monkeys Cafe, hotels like Hotel Anshin Oyado and Hotel Bali An, and even the Studio Pasela photo studios.

Not only that, but Pasela Resorts also run a handful of cool theme restaurants like the official Capcom Bar in Shinjuku, Kamen Rider the Dinner, Dragon Quest’s Luida’s Bar, and the Final Fantasy XIV themed Eorzea Cafe.

At first glance, these places might not seem overly welcoming to babies with dirty diapers or overheated folks looking for a cup of water and nothing else, but they are.

Anyone spending time in Tokyo, or elsewhere in Japan, might do well to take note of any nearby businesses run by Pasela Resorts and Newton. Sadly, these days it might even save a life.

Source: Twitter/@pasela_akiba, My Game News Flash, J-Town Net
Featured image: Twitter/@pasela_akiba
Insert images: SoraNews24
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