Tokyo Olympics might allow you to take one, and only one, drink with you into sweltering stadiums

Organizing Committee considers relaxing rules for the Games during Japan’s always hot and humid summer.

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High-end karaoke chain invites anyone to come in for water and rest even if not a customer

Pasela’s gesture is simple but effective, and receiving lots of praise.

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Young Japanese man dies while sunbathing in his home garden

Don’t let the thermometer fool you into thinking you’re safer than you are in Japan in the summer.

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10 girls rushed to hospital for heatstroke after Tokyo high school’s non-air-conditioned assembly

Over two dozen students complain of nausea and other symptoms after assembly for topic that definitely could have waited for a cooler day.

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Not so fun in the sun – Cases of heatstroke hit a year-high last week in Japan

The end of July has brought soaring temperatures of over 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) to certain parts of Japan. As we saw this past weekend, the oppressive heat was even enough to make Tokyo Disneyland look almost deserted, an unheard-of feat.

While your first temptation may be to cool off at the beach, remember to take precautionary safety measures anytime you’re under the sun–last week also saw the highest number of cases of heatstroke in Japan this year-to-date.  

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Helpful heatwave technology! New popsicle-shaped heatstroke detector!

It’s no secret that from the beginning of June, heatstroke can be a real danger in Japan. But what better way to stave off the sweltering summer temperatures than taking a bite out of a sweet, frozen popsicle? The most popular Japanese ice cream treat, Gari-Gari Kun, has a new promotional campaign to keep people safe during the height of summer–a special accessory that will warn you about potential heatstrokes. Best part is, it’s shaped just like this well-known ice-cream that everybody loves!

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