Electronics aren’t the only things coming out of Akihabara these days! If you’re a pudding lover, you’ll be thrilled with this tasty custard dessert, something that karaoke and leisure company Pasela has on their menu at their newest venture, bakery Honey Toast Cafe. 

And that’s not all! The custard dessrt is served in the cutest little pottery honey pot which you can take home with you!

With the entire first floor of the giant leisure site being a bakery, you can enjoy a variety of bread and sweet treats- this pudding included- before heading up to the seventh floor to scream into a microphone.  Or, if you don’t need to let off steam with a little karaoke, you can remain downstairs and go straight to the pudding! 

Pasela Resorts Akihabara Multi Entertainment Center just opened this new branch on November 22nd. True to its title, Pasela offers much more than just standard karaoke services.  As annexes to fancy karaoke lounges, they run several restaurant bars which collaborate with game themes like Thunderbirds Cafe, CAPCOM Bar, and Luida’s Bar Dragon Quest.  They also rent party rooms.

The two custard dishes available at Honey Toast Cafe are a standard Honey Toast Pudding and a Honey Toast Caramel Pudding.  The cute honey pots they are served in provide a nice big serving of pudding and look like they might be a bit bigger than a standard sized Japanese rice bowl, so you know that you really are getting a hearty serving of custard pudding!


The standard Honey Toast Pudding on the left and the Caramel Honey Toast Pudding on the right

Of course all this adorable packaging would be lost if the taste didn’t live up to the presentation. But it does!

Each of these custards has a firm outside layer which gives way to a soft creamy pudding when you push your spoon into it. When you take a bite, you’ll find that this dessert is melt-in-your-mouth delicious!  It’s not too sweet, and is light enough so that even with a hefty serving it’ll disappear from your pot fast. The Honey Toast Pudding has a touch of citrus giving it a lighter than you might normally expect from a pudding.  The caramel pudding’s flavor, meanwhile, is not at all over-powering and really brings out the natural sweetness of the custard dish.


The price is 980 yen ($12.25 US), but considering the volume of the serving and the fact that the cute honey pot can be taken home and used as you wish, it’s not a bad buy at all!



The next time you’re in Akihabara give it a try! The perfect honey pot pick-me-up after all those hours of shopping!

■Shop Info 
Pasela Resorts Akihabara Multi Entertainment Center, Honey Toast Cafe
Soto Kanda 1-1-10 1F, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo
Hours: Bakery and Coffee Shop, 7:00 to 23:30 


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