The final day of Comiket wrapped up with some sizzling cosplay costumes.

Summer Comiket 2019 was held over four days at Tokyo Big Sight from 9 August, and the biannual independant manga, anime, game, and cosplay convention wrapped up with some impressive cosplayers on the final day of the event.

According to the Comiket Preparation Committee, the number of visitors on the fourth and final day of the convention was 200,000, with the total attendees over all four days tallied at 730,000.

In terms of cosplay, there were 1,570 males and 2,294 females registered to appear on the fourth day. We were there with our camera to capture some of the best and most creative cosplayers for our photo collection, and as soon as we arrived, we were hit by a sudden downpour of rain.

The shower didn’t last long, though, and as the clouds parted and the sun came out, the humidity rose and the concrete pathway sizzled while the cosplayers sprang into action with their dramatic poses.

So let’s get to it and check out the cosplayers and their costumes!

▼ Lapis Lazuli from Land of the Lustrous | Cosplayer: @kosimusimu

▼ Shuten Douji from Fate/Grand Order | Cosplayer: @TapiKo3

▼ You Watanabe from Love Live! Sunshine!! | Cosplayer: @jzhz_zzz

▼ Nero Claudius Type-Moon Racing | Cosplayer: @rinyanpassan

▼ Mitsuha Miyamizu from Your Name | Cosplayer: @AA_COS

Jean Bart from Azure Lane | Cosplayer: @tekepopo

▼ Mirai Akari | Cosplayer: @sere_cos

▼ Kiyohime (Lancer) from Fate/Grand Order | Cosplayer: @suzurora_kosu7

▼ Obleute from Isekai no Shuyaku wa Wareware da! | Cosplayer: @toki_rin_26

▼ Ika Musume from Squid Girl | Cosplayer: @tenka0619

▼ Spartacus from Fate/Grand Order | Cosplayer: @hyit_master

▼ Mordred from Fate/Grand Order | Cosplayer: @pop0drop1

▼ Tanya Degurechaff from Youjo Senki | Cosplayer: @puyosandawayo

▼ Chrollo Lucilfer from HUNTER×HUNTER | Cosplayer: @41bibliothekcos

▼ Boa Hancock from One Piece | Cosplayer: @raito_cos_

▼ Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya | Cosplayer: @mimira1010

▼ Chef Oizumi from How do you like Wednesday? | Cosplayer: @parimurayakuba

▼ Kato Danzo from Fate/Grand Order | Cosplayer: @Tanya_JP

▼ Nico Yazawa (Yukata Awakening Ver) from Love Live! School Idol Festival | Cosplayer: @Rinocos_o_o_

▼ Kizuna AI – A.I. Games (new outfit) | Cosplayer: @ssshira_m

▼ Kizuna AI | Cosplayer: @reiukina

▼ Because two Kizuna AIs are better than one.

So there you have it, the fantastic cosplayers from day four of Summer Comiket 2019! If you like what you saw today, don’t forget to check out the awesome cosplays from day one, two, and three of the event. We can’t wait to see what Winter Comiket has in store for us later this year!

Photos: ©SoraNews24  
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