Cat reaches genius level on automatic animal feeder while its hooman is away. 

We’ve seen plenty of cute cats over the years, and the more we watch them, the more convinced we are that our feline furballs are watching our every move, learning our human ways in order to take over our households one day and truly become our overlords.

Case in point is this new video, from Twitter user @KuronekoGeete. Her cat just turned six, and this milestone in her furbaby’s life comes with new wisdom…which extends to the ability to open its automatic feeder box.

“After turning six, new wisdom comes unawares. Nobody’s home during the day so I set up a timed feeder for my cat but it pressed the dial down with its front paw and pushed it round and round on its own. Open!”

The video shows the clever feline doing exactly what’s been described, expertly pushing the dial down with one paw while turning it round at the same time to unlock it. The lid pops open, as kitty seems to know it would, which means it now gets to dine on a sneaky feast before its scheduled mealtime.

People online were understandably impressed by this feline feat, liking the video over 160,000 times and giving it tens of thousands of retweets. It’s now been viewed three million times, with viewers leaving comments like:

“Wow. This is seriously too much wisdom.”
“Your cat has magical abilities.”
“Looks like the cat has learnt by watching. Amazing!”
“The evolution of cats is continuing…”
“Humanity must not bow down to the feline world!”

Looks like the cats of the world are getting cleverer by the minute. Let’s just hope they don’t catch sight of this video, otherwise we’ll have felines that can talk and feed themselves too!

Source: Twitter/@KuronekoGeete via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@KuronekoGeete
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