Case gives your phone the look of iconic anime technology.

If you grew up watching the Pokémon anime or playing the franchises video games, odds are you dreamed of having a Pokédex, just like the one Ash uses on his quest to catch ‘em all. A handheld gadget that instantly gives you information on any and all species of Pocket Monsters? What could be better than that?

▼ The Pokémon anime’s Pokédex (left)

But by the time Pokemon’s original fans grew up, we stopped needing a dedicated Pokémon research device. We’ve got smartphones now, which we can use to consult online Pokémon resources for information on not only specific species’ strengths and weaknesses, but also things like real-world Pikachu outbreaks and delicious Pokémon donuts.

Childhood dreams don’t fade easily, though, so thankfully there’s now a way to satisfy your desire for a Pokédex while also using your smartphone as the all-in-one device its meant to be, thanks to this awesome new Pokédex smartphone case!

Offered by merchandiser Bandai’s Premium Bandai online store, the Pokédex Smartphone Case is designed to the visual specifications of Ash’s trusty tech piece, with rows of cosmetic buttons (the Pokémon anime’s 1997 debut predates the era of ubiquitous touchscreens) on the inner face of the flap that protects your phone’s screen.

It’s still got the user friendliness you want in a modern smartphone accessory, though. Openings allow unblocked access to the side buttons and charger connection, as well as unobstructed use of the phone’s facial recognition functions.

There’s also no flap to fiddle with in front of the primary camera lens.

The Pokédex Smartphone Case is sized to fix iPhone X models and can be purchased through the Premium Bandai website here, where it’s priced at 3,980 yen (US$37). It’s just the thing to slap on your phone as you test out all the Pokémon GO insider information Niantic recently shared with us, or if you just want to keep the Nintendo vibes going as you power up your phone on your Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Ancient Temple charging pad.

Source: Premium Bandai via PR Times via Hachima Kiko
Images: Premium Bandai
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