Conductor Miho Hazama probably wasn’t expecting such a jazzy greeting when she touched down in Copenhagen!

Hands up, everybody — who here has experienced a long haul flight?

Once your time in the air ticks past five or six hours, it starts to feel like you might never feel land under your feet again. Cramped in your allotted seat, uncomfortably aware that the guy next to you has watched the in-flight edition of Disney’s Aladdin five times on loop, the thought of getting home is all that keeps you going.

And what joy it is to get home! The only thing that can make emerging from the airport feel better is when you have someone there to welcome you, ideally with a hug, some coffee, and a big hand-drawn sign about how much they missed you.

But Japanese conductor Miho Hazama got one of the world’s most exciting and extravagant welcome parties when she flew into Denmark’s Copenhagen Airport… and all the other fliers got to enjoy it, too!

An established composer, Tokyo-born Hazama signed on as the official conductor for the Danish Radio Big Band earlier this year. She’s a decorated composer and performer, with her own signature ensemble named m_unit, and she’s arranged and orchestrated compositions of many other legendary musicians such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Shiro Sagisu, and even Queen.

▼ A selection of albums featuring Hazama’s arrangements

With multiple composition awards under her belt, Hazama would make an attractive candidate for any big band outfit, and the Danish Radio Big Band wanted to make it clear how grateful they were that of all the big bands in the world, she decided to conduct for theirs.

As she stepped into the arrivals area at Copenhagen airport, a drum began to sound, and she clearly noticed the cluster of performers at the gate because her face immediately lit up. She looked delighted, albeit a little embarrassed, as she dramatically shushed the band with her finger.

▼ They even brought her one of those heartwarming signs!

As the band launched into their rousing rendition of John Kander’s Wilkommen Bienvenue Welcome, with the lyrics tweaked to suit Hazama herself, she turned from performer to performer, beaming the whole time. The icing on the cake was when a velvet cushion emerged, bearing a conductor’s baton. And of course, that same baton ended up in Hazama’s hands so she could conduct the rest of the piece.

In spite of her long trip, Hazama’s eyes shone with glee and she even bounced on her heels while urging the players to continue. The Danish Radio Big Band certainly made a striking impression, and gave her a wonderful memory to associate with not only the band but Copenhagen Airport itself.

From the cutaways to uninvolved passengers (including families, lone travelers and even an adorable puppy) it seemed that Hazama wasn’t the only one enjoying her musical welcome.

We here at SoraNews24 hope that this bouncy performance brightened your day, too. And if you need more warm welcomes, make sure to check out the Manila Airport flash mob!

Source: YouTube/DR Koncerthuset, Miho Hazama Official Website
Top image: YouTube/DR Koncerthuset
Insert images: Miho Hazama Official Website, YouTube/DR Koncerthuset
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