So…so many teeth. Dear God, why are there so many teeth?!?

This year, Halloween in Japan seemed just a little more kid and family-friendly. The public drinking ban in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood, where the country’s biggest Halloween gatherings occur, kept things a lot less rowdy than they were a year ago, and an ever-increasing number of preschools and daycare centers had bright, colorful parties for the little tykes.

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with a softer, gentler Halloween, right? You can still show off your fun costuming skills without getting dark and gruesome. Look at, for example, this great Hermione costume from Japanese cosplayer Angelica (@angelica_30_w on Twitter). That’d be a great, wholesome Halloween getup, right?

Except, when Halloween night rolled around, Angelica decided to go with something just a bit scarier.

Oh, sorry, did we say “a bit” scarier? We meant “oh dear lord what is that nonononono” scarier. “It’s impossible to have anything but drinks,” Angelica said of her costume while tweeting with her cafe pics, but we think it’d be equally hard for us to eat anything in the presence of her Alice in Haunt-your-nightmares-forever-land outfit, on account of all the terror vomiting we’d be doing.

While all those teeth are definitely the first things that stick out, if you’ve got the courage to take a closer look, you’ll start to notice plenty of other depraved details, like the milky white eyes and the fact that she no longer has any nostrils, with those gnashing fangs having apparently torn off all the flesh below her cheekbones.

▼ Is…is she going to eat that owl???

While Angelica’s Harry Potter cosplay proves she can impress without scaring us to tears, she’s definitely got a knack for the creepier side of cosplay, as some of her other projects show.

Now please excuse as we go turn on all the lights in our house and check under the bed multiple times.

Source: Twitter/@ angelica_30_w via Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@ angelica_30_w
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