We also see exactly how Hello Kitty would attack if she were a Gundam: very, very cutely.

Previously, on the Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Project.

The first episode of this collaborative project between Sanrio and Sunrise saw our heroine, Kitty White, receive an urgent message from Amuro Ray’s Haro bot. After hearing the cry to “Save Amuro!”, Kitty blasted off into outer space in a perfect mecha recreation of her own body.

In episode two, Amuro was determined to destroy the enemy forces ahead, even in spite of Kitty’s impassioned pleas for pacifism. But then they were ambushed by a trio of Zion mobile suits! Amuro blasted through two of the expendable (albeit manned) Zaku fighters, but… oh no! One fired off a shot towards Kitty herself!

The newly released third episode titled “Love and War” finally follows up on this half-year-long cliffhanger.

At last we can witness Kitty’s reaction to being shot at: forming a huge, glittery pink shield and deflecting the blow entirely.

“What?!” Amuro yells. Kitty’s shield didn’t just protect her from the blast, it bounced back the enemy suit’s attack onto itself. As the glitzy pink dust clears and Amuro wonders what the heck just happens, Kitty floats over to where a towering Gelgoog once stood.

The Gelgoog has been transformed into an utterly adorable baby version of itself, with a fat chunky body and a friendly, cute “eye”.

Kitty gestures Amuro over so he can introduce himself too, but the Earth Federation Pilot is too busy grappling with what he just saw to make friends.

Kitty moves to ask Amuro what’s wrong, but he immediately trains his cannon on her!

“What in the world are you, Kitty?! Stay away from me!”

Amuro makes a run for it, leaving Kitty even more confused and desperate to reconcile. She chases him through the galaxy, leaving a trail of super-cute deformed mobile suits in her wake. Then Kitty does what any character would do when trying to get a hard-headed shonen protagonist to listen: she douses him in a blast of rainbow light and transports him to a sparkly dimension where they can chat. Kitty explains how important it is to meet people on the level and understand each other; that way they can bring an end to the fighting.

“We just need to combine our powers. Trust me, Amuro…”

Amuro says he thinks this idea is too outrageous to work…but it’s the only choice they have. As the theme to the third 0079 Gundam movie, Beginning, plays, Kitty and Amuro introduce themselves anew. The episode ends with them looking out, towards the fight that they now plan to end, together.

▼ A classic Gundam watercolor declares this episode “The End”.

The Gundam vs. Hello Kitty project was established to celebrate the 45th and 40th anniversaries of the juggernaut franchises, and is primarily a popularity contest where fans can “vote” for a particular series by buying themed merchandise. These animations are such a treat that we’re sad to see them end, but at least we still have that new Gundam statue to look forward to later this year!

Source, images: YouTube/ガンダムvsハローキティ プロジェクト
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