“Sweet pleasure for your mouth” with a play on the word for penis in Japanese. 

Japanese masturbatory aid manufacturer Tenga is known around the world for its wide range of innovative self-pleasuring devices, which allow men to please themselves on the go while women feel the joy of matcha tea whisks.

This fun approach to pleasure seeps over into Tenga’s fun marketing campaigns and collaborations with everyday brands as well, and now that Valentine’s Day is coming up, they’re attracting attention with a special release for the romantic holiday, called the Tenga Sweet Love Cup.

On the outside, the new product looks like a Tenga self-pleasuring device, but on the inside it’s filled with a sweet surprise: chocolate.

Tenga first released the Sweet Love Cup for Valentine’s Day last year, but back then it was filled with ordinary, cube-shaped foil-wrapped chocolates. This year, they’ve improved on the original product by filling them with chocolates shaped like Tenga masturbatory aids.

This year’s lineup comes in three different varieties, covering High Cacao (above), Matcha (below)…

▼ And Strawberry.

Helping to generate more excitement around the product is the fact that the Japanese slang word for “penis” is “chinko“, which sounds like “choco“, or chocolate.

▼ The missing part in the circle, between “チ’ (“chi”) and “コ”(“ko”), makes all the difference between the two words.

According to Tenga, the Sweet Love Cup isn’t designed to be penetrated like their usual self-pleasuring aids, but it’s perfect for events or parties where a bit of fun wordplay is appreciated.

The new product comes filled with ten chinko/choco inside for 500 yen (US$4.54) plus tax, although those wanting more sweet stimulation can opt for a tower of love cups, starting at 30 cups for 16,200 yen through to 100 for 50,000 yen and 300 for 150,000 yen.

Tower Records stores in major cities around Japan will be displaying these Tenga towers as part of the promotion, and will be selling the Sweet Love Cups to customers as well.

On sale from 10 January for a limited time, the love cups will make a great addition to that other Tenga edible in our pantry, the furikake rice topping.

Source, images: Tenga
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