Cosplayers and casuals alike can look as cute as a comic book character!

Cosmetic company Kate has frequently flirted with unreal aesthetics, one time even advertising their product with a completely fictional model.

However, their flair for hyper-realism makes them a favorite of cosplayers, and we imagine one of their latest products is going to be a smash hit.

Introducing the Manga-Genic Liner set (with “Manga-Genic” coming from “photo-genic”), a makeup kit for your eyes that boasts all the cuteness potential of a two-dimensional girl… but in real life!

“You can easily give yourself manga-massive eyes.”

The set is comprised of a compact with three palettes of different colored powder, plus a small mirror and a double-ended makeup brush.

The two beige powders are meant to emphasize the contours and highlights of your skin, with a generous helping of the lightest powder dusted along the rim beneath your eye.

The darker powder is used to edge it and create an illusion of added depth, making your eyes look brighter and larger. It can also emphasize the eyelash line itself, creating a striking contrast to the muted colors of the rest of the palette.

▼ The product website comes with a handy illustration for how to apply it.

According to the website instructions, you can make yourself Manga-Genic in just four basic steps:

1. Enlarge your eye with the black gel powder.
2. Emphasize the area underneath your eye with the light beige powder.
3. Emphasize the droop at the corner of your eye with the dark beige powder.
4. Use the dark beige powder to draw an additional crease above the eye for added depth.

The powder in the 1,500 yen (US$13.72) set comes with a shojo-perfect shimmer to add that final bit of pizzazz to your look. We’re sure a whole host of cosplayers will be using this shining palette to their advantage at the closest opportunity!

Source: Kate Tokyo via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso

Insert images: Kate Tokyo
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