The world needs more good guy companies like this one

An increasingly popular political stance today believes that capitalism–the driving theory behind much of the modern world’s economy–does not benefit society as much as people want it to. Still, capitalism isn’t all bad. The sheer amount of businesses that arise under capitalism means that at least some will be good companies that don’t prioritize profits over people.

Take for example, Caricarina, a cat-loving company that makes stylish and functional scratching posts and cat trees. They cared so much about one customer that they sent flowers to them upon the death of their cat.

Twitter user @tohuchaan wrote:

“This is a sweet story. The day before my first cat passed away I ordered a really good quality scratching post from Caricarina. Then my cat died the next day, and I thought that the scratching post would just make me sad when it came, so I contacted them to cancel my order a few days later. The staff there not only kindly canceled my order, but also sent me flowers. I was so touched. When I got my current cat I immediately went and ordered from them again.”

Clearly, Caricarina is not only in the business of making cats happy, but their owners, too, judging by their thoughtful gesture. The pictures that @tohuchaan included in the tweet are of a lovely basket of white and purple flowers, solemnly arranged and perfect for a funeral, with even a formal message of condolences attached.

The second picture is of an e-mail sent from a member of the staff at Caricarina, which reads:

“To ___,
This is ___ from the Caricarina Shop.
After we received your phone call the other day, all of us here at Caricarina were shocked and saddened by your news.
We wanted to send you some flowers. They’re not much, but we hope you will accept them on your cat’s behalf.
They’re supposed to be delivered tomorrow night. (If you’re not home, they’ll be put in a delivery box.)
We’re sure it will be difficult to return to normal life after your beloved cat has passed away, but we hope that you will feel better soon.
Caricarina Shop Staff”

Though it was kind enough of them to send flowers, Caricarina’s staff even went to the trouble of letting @tohuchaan know ahead if time that flowers would be coming. They are an example of true Japanese consideration for others, as well as a model for superb customer service that every company should follow.

▼ @tohuchaan’s cat that passed away, apparently as a kitten

Japanese netizens were equally touched by the company’s kindness:

“The words from the company are so kind.”
“It was such a nice story, I cried!”
“I cried immediately. Thank you for such a sweet story!”
“That’s a reflection of how much the company loves cats. I’m gonna buy from them!”
“What a wonderful company! I want to support companies like this who have such consideration for their customers.”

“They’re a great company, aren’t they? Our cat loves its Caricarina scratching post. It’s well made and, above all, cute!”

The last few comments make a good point: it’s always wonderful to see companies doing nice things, and one way to encourage that is to buy from those who do! And it’s not only small companies like Caricarina that have opportunities to be thoughtful towards their customers, as even Nintendo, a huge multinational company, is known for their stellar customer service.

Source: Twitter/@tohuchaan via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@tohuchaan
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