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You can’t go very far in Japan without running into a bank of capsule toy vending machines, but ironically, a lot of the things they sell aren’t really “toys.” Sure, miniature rice cooker cases and peeing Shiba dog figurines might be cute, but they’re meant to be quirky decorations, not things to actively play with.

But capsule toy maker Tama Kyu’s latest creation is definitely something for active play, as it lets you unleash your inner martial artist by karate-chopping a stack of traditional kawara roof tiles!

The Maji de Wareru Kawara (“Tiles You Can Really Chop in Half”) lineup recreates one of Japan’s most time-honored feats of skill and strength: karate chopping a stack of tiles. And yes, just like the name promises, you really are supposed to chop the plastic kawara in half with a swift strike.

200 yen (US$1.80) gets you one of four possible capsules: a pair of base blocks with one gray tile, or a short stack of three gray, blue, yellow, or red tiles. While ordinarily the random nature of gachapon capsule toys makes getting duplicates an unpleasant inevitability when putting together a collection, in the case of Maji de Wareru Kawara getting more tiles of any color gives you a higher stack to test your might with, as demonstrated in this video featuring Japanese professional wrestler Tamu Nakano.

▼ Pro wrestler Hana Kimura also tries her hand.

As the videos show, despite the tiles’ small size, there’s still a measure of technique required, though that degree of difficulty should also make for a sense of stress-relieving satisfaction when your chop produces a clean split. Of course, if you’re not confident in your chopping prowess, this guy has developed an alternate technique.

Maji de Wareru Kawara are available in capsule toy machines now. Oh, and don’t forget that if you want to try the full-scale version, there’s a place in Tokyo where you can do that too.

Source: Tama Kyu via IT Media
Images: Tama Kyu
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