You know, for kids.

As a country with a lenient attitude towards drinking in public, it’s not uncommon during certain seasons to find people struggling with their own bodily functions on the street. A businessman stripped of his ability to stay awake or reveler with a suddenly overactive gag reflex are among the many drunks whom dot the urban landscape like wildflowers.

And now these sights – but mercifully not sounds and smells – of public intoxication can be yours 24-7 with a new line of capsule toys from Tama-Kyu.

The series, named #YopparaiNau (Drunk Now), is made up of five different lushes, each in a different predicament and measuring about five centimeters (two inches) in height.

All the greatest hits are there:

Celebrate the resourcefulness of humanity through the absurd whimsy of “Person Wearing a Pylon.”

If finding a coin on the street is considered lucky, then buy yourself a lottery ticket after stumbling across the enchanting “Person Sleeping on the Side of the Road.”

Experience a cavalcade of emotions upon witnessing the haunting “Person with no Pants” and spend the rest of the day wondering how they might have ended up like that.

A true testament to civilization’s reliance on stable infrastructure, the indomitable “Person Hugging a Telephone Pole” is a reminder that we all need a little help sometimes.

▼ NOTE: Telephone pole not included

And what collection of drunken figurines would be complete without the classic “Person who Needs a Waste Basket.”

With a little luck of the capsule machine turn all five can be yours for 300 yen (US$2.72) each. Much like real plastered people, these figures can be placed in all kinds of unusual situations.

However, more than a just fun toy to decorate your survival knife collection or herb garden with, these figures may become collector’s items in the future. Studies show that interest in excessive drinking has been on the decline with younger generations – likely having gown up witnessing people like those found in this line of toys.

So the day may come when Japanese people in general simply get bored of the drink and climb onto the wagon. Then, these toys will have become potentially valuable relics of a bygone era of when people felt compelled to twerk on top of flipped over trucks to celebrate Halloween.

Source: PR Times via Japaaan,
Images: PR Times
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