She even wore a beautiful kimono on the red carpet!

The Academy Awards–also confusingly known as the Oscars–were held last Sunday, and though no Japanese films were on the roster this year, one highly popular Disney movie that did extremely well in Japan was on the list: Frozen II. One of its songs, “Into the Unknown”, was nominated for the Best Original Song category.

But Japanese Frozen fans were tuned into the Oscars for another reason. Takako Matsu, the Japanese voice of Elsa in Disney’s Frozen and Frozen II, became the first Japanese singer to perform on stage at the Oscars when she joined her fellow Elsas in singing “Into the Unknown” in 10 different languages.

Matsu sang with Idina Menzel, the English-language voice of Elsa, the Norwegian singer Aurora, who sings the calls of the mountain, and nine other countries’ Elsas in an amazing collaboration of “Into the Unknown”. Menzel sang most of the song and each of the other singers, including Matsu, sang about one line each in addition to background vocals, but Japanese fans were delighted to see Matsu on a major international stage with other huge names in the industry.

Not only that, but she also splendidly represented Japan by wearing a beautiful, blush-pink kimono and orange obi on the red carpet, standing out against the other singers’ princess-style gowns.

Netizen responses to seeing her in her kimono were overwhelmingly positive, praising her for her elegance and traditional Japanese poise and beauty:

“Is that kimono done in the image of Elsa’s pink dress in the movie? It’s so neat and graceful. It really represents Japan and old Japanese beauty standards. Beautiful!”
“Takako Matsu in her kimono at the Academy Awards red carpet~ I’m obsessed! Everyone’s dresses are so beautiful.”
“She looks so beautiful. I want to see the back (the obi knot)!”
“She’s so elegant but she’s not stealing the show. A dignified beauty. Like she’s saying, ‘This is Japan.’ I love it.”
“She’s so refined in her kimono! Beautiful!”

In fact, one fan was so inspired by the image of all of the singers together that they made fan art:

Matsu, for her part, was glad to be part of the whole experience. Before appearing at the show, she said, “I’m so thankful to have such an honorable role,” and in an interview shared by the Official Japanese Disney Animation Studios Twitter account, she said that her appearance at the Oscars was all thanks to the love Japanese fans have for Frozen. “The power of the people who loved this film was enormous, so I’m very grateful,” she said.

By the way, if you haven’t heard Takako Matsu sing the Japanese version of “Into the Unknown,” you’ve got to. It’s amazing, and the single line she sings in this performance doesn’t do her justice. Go check it out; you own’t regret it!

Source: Twitter/@TheAcademy
Top image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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