“World’s most expensive toaster” from Mitsubishi uses rice cooker technology to toast bread to perfection.

If you think of a Japanese breakfast, images of rice, fish and miso soup might come to mind, but these days, it’s becoming more and more common for people to have toast for breakfast as they go about their busy lives.

Toast here is a whole different ball game, though, with people eschewing regular pop-up toasters for toaster ovens with pull-out trays. It’s not uncommon for people in Japan to toast one slice at a time as well, with bread being available in super thick slices that result in a delightful crunch on the outside and a soft, fluffy texture inside.

To satisfy the desires of the toast-loving public, toaster oven technology is always being improved upon here, and Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric produced a game changer in May last year with the introduction of the TO-ST1-T bread oven. Retailing for around the 30,000 yen mark (US$290.82), this is one of the most expensive toasters on the market right now, and its specs proved to be so enticing that one of the most famous unboxing channels on YouTube couldn’t resist testing it out for their 16 million subscribers.

Canadian presenter Lewis Hilsenteger, who fronts the popular Unbox Therapy channel on YouTube, was blown away by the toast produced by the Japanese bread oven, lost for words after putting it to the test alongside toast from a regular pop-up toaster.

Take a look at the “World’s Most Expensive vs Cheapest Toaster” below:

In the clip, Hilsenteger unboxes the expensive toaster first, saying he knows it’s premium straight away as it comes with a recipe booklet. This booklet contains recipes for tasty options like egg sandwiches, tuna salad toast, Caprese croissants, apple cinnamon toast, and Ujikintoki French toast, which contains matcha and adzuki red beans.

While they love the wood grain detail on the machine, they also love how easy it is to use, with a series of buttons allowing you to toast regular or frozen bread, as well as bread with toppings and French toast.

There are also buttons for varying degrees of toasting, with Hilsenteger mentioning that Mitsubishi uses the same tech from their rice cookers to help keep the moisture inside the bread while toasting it.

As expected, the cheap pop-up toaster just doesn’t cut it against Mitsubishi’s miracle toast machine. Both the supermarket bread and the bakery-bought premium bread turns out to be dry and unevenly toasted in the cheap machine.

▼ However, in the TO-ST1-T, even the cheap bread becomes evenly toasted and fluffy inside.

Though no water is added, steam rises from the back of the machine, as the product uses moisture from the bread itself to help retain its fluffy texture.

Once they put the premium bread into the premium machine, Hilsenteger is lost for words, walking away with his hands in the air as his taste buds experience the most perfect toast they’ve ever known.

Once he does manage to get his words back, he says, simply: “Unreal” and “SO good“. He’s sold on using premium bread in the premium machine and his mate, Will Du, agrees, saying “That’s a game changer.

While it’s a high price to pay for a great piece of toast, Hilsenteger points out that over the course of a year, it would actually work out to be less than a dollar a day “for that premium toast experience” to uplift your mood as you start your day.

From our point of view, that makes it worth every dollar and we’re hoping we’ll be able to get our hands on one soon. After all, we’re the “weirdos” who’ve already taste-tested both the Twin Chef rice cooker and the bento box rice cooker, and there’s no price we won’t pay in the pursuit of deliciousness.

Source, images: YouTube/Unbox Therapy
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