Matcha McCafé menu tempts us to skip the burgers and double-down on desserts.

This week the new Samurai Mac burgers will be storming onto McDonald’s Japan menu, but the drink menu at select locations is also getting a new infusion of Japanese tastes. McCafé by Barista, McDonald’s in-restaurant sub-brand focused on cafe offerings such as sweets and dessert drinks, has announced that four new matcha green tea beverages will be making their debut.

Starting off with the simple stuff, the Matcha Latte is McDonald’s take on Japan’s favorite spruced-up version of green tea. However, it’s not made with any old green tea powder, but specifically with Uji matcha, the most prized variety of the tea, grown in Kyoto Prefecture. In addition to the hot version, there’s also a cold Ice Matcha Latte that adds a swirl of whipped cream dusted with even more matcha powder.

Matcha latte provides an enticing mix of sweet, bitter, and creamy flavors. If you’re looking for extra sweetness, though…

…the Matcha Frappe blended-ice beverage is the way to go. But if it’s maximum decadence, plus a quick Japanese vocabulary lesson, that you’re in the mood for, the Ichigo Shiratama Matcha Frappe is the one you want.

In addition to all the green-tea goodness of the Matcha Frappe base, you also get strawberry (ichigo in Japanese) whipped cream mixed both into the drink itself and as a swirled topping, enhanced with crushed almonds. There’s also a sliced strawberry sauce for you to stir into the glass, plus a pair of shiratama (chewy mochi dumplings) to help cheerfully blur the line between drink and parfait.

Prices for the drinks start at 350 yen (US$3.30) for a small Matcha Latte and top out at 530 yen for the large Ichigo Shiratama Matcha Frappe. The entire lineup makes its debut on April 8 and will be sticking around until mid-May.

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Source: McDonald’s via Japaaan
Top image: McDonald’s
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