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McDonald’s Japan unveils new Oreo and matcha green tea frappe

Enjoy the taste of Kyoto with your Oreos for a limited time at McDonald’s.

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McDonald’s Japan’s matcha dessert family grows with the new strawberry green tea Frappe

The more (matcha dessert drinks) the merrier, right?

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McDonald’s Japan adds three tasty new popcorn drinks to their menu

Popcorn is the star partner for hot and cold beverages at McDonald’s this winter.

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McDonald’s Japan adds limited-edition French macarons to their menu

Four macaron flavours, imported directly from France, now come packaged in cute McDonald’s takeout boxes.

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McDonald’s Japan goes high-class with new line of crème brûlée dessert beverages

Range covers drinks hot and cold, with and without caffeine.

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Japan is going bananas over … bananas! We try new banana drinks from Starbucks and McDonald’s

When we first heard about the new banana-based Frappuccinos from Starbucks, we had a sneaky feeling that they just might be a big hit. Bananas have always been a popular fruit in Japan, after all, and the description of the two new Frappuccinos made them sound seriously mouthwatering.

Now that they’ve been on sale for over 10 days, it seems the banana Frappuccinos have been successful beyond everyone’s expectations, and with McDonald’s also having come out with original banana beverages as well, bananas appear to be the sizzling hot ingredient in the world of Japanese cafes at the moment. So, of course we had to look into what everyone was going bananas about!

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