They’re bringing back some old favorites, plus a new item we have to try!

As we’ve seen time and time again, McDonald’s Japan likes to shake up its menu to keep customers coming back to try all the new and limited-time goodies, with everything from peach milkshakes and Pikachu McFlurries to monstrous burgers like the Giga Mac.

Last year, they also released some sweet matcha green tea treats for a limited time on their McCafe by Barista menu which, lucky for us, is making a comeback this year just in time for the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the McCafe sub-brand. There will be three of the same delicious drinks as last year, plus one frappe drink with a special twist on the menu.

The Ice Matcha Latte (390 yen [US$3.60] for a medium, 430 yen for a large) blends the earthy bitterness of Uji matcha green tea with the rich, creamy sweetness of milk, and is topped off with a healthy dose of sweet whipped cream, making this a deliciously cool dessert drink.  

The Matcha Latte (350-390 yen) also blends the perfect combination of matcha and milk, and tops it off with a light, fluffy foam for a mild and refreshing pick-me-up.

The Matcha Latte Frappe (430-470 yen) is a sweet, frozen blend of matcha base and milk, topped with fresh whipped cream.

This year’s new specialty frappe is the Kuromitsu Kinako Matcha Frappe (490-530 yen). With the same frozen matcha and milk base as the regular Matcha Latte Frappe, this one is drizzled with brown sugar syrup (kuromitsu), made with Okinawan brown sugar. It is then dusted with slightly sweet kinako soy bean powder and topped with chewy shiratama (sweet rice flour dumplings).

The drinks will be available from September 1 until the beginning of October at McCafe locations across the country, so matcha lovers, don’t delay!

Source, images: McDonald’s Japan